Scramble QR Code & Barcode Access Control Solution


As the pandemic continues, many more companies are switching to touchless technology. Some establishments dropped the use of traditional RFID based door access control and fingerprint recognition system and have switched to facial recognition system, palm recognition system, and QR code and barcode access control system.

In order to give the best solution to our clients, ZKTeco recently released a QR code and barcode access control management solution that enables easy yet efficient and precise access. With QR codes and barcodes delivered to mobile phones for scanning, no more physical cards and keys are needed. It is precise, safe, scalable, efficient, cost-effective, and ideal for various applications including office, hotel, commercial buildings, and other service premises.


How does the Scramble QR code work with Visitor Management?

Upon completion of visitor registration in ZKBioSecurity, each member or visitor will get a hyperlink from the service provider which directs to a dynamic QR code or barcode to enter different access doors and turnstile gates. The QR codes define where visitors are allowed to enter.

 In order to prevent unregistered people from gaining access by copying QR codes or barcodes without permission, the codes can be set to dynamic (scramble) which means that the QR code images will be automatically changed every 10-30 (adjustable).

QR code is a safe entry solution for employees.

Mobile QR code check-in enables both staff and visitors to complete the touchless check-in process by utilizing their own mobile devices to scan QR codes for access to secured areas.

What are the main advantages of using Scramble QR code and Barcode?

  • Quickness, Accuracy Cost and Effectiveness

It takes less than 0.2 seconds for accurate verification and authorized users can simply use their phones to get access to all secured areas.

  • Scalability

It supports multi-access control devices including access control terminals, elevator control, entrance control, and car park gates.

  • Security

QR codes will be automatically changed every 30 seconds, preventing non-registered people to send or share codes to cause security loopholes.

  • Smart Software Control

It supports ZKTeco’s ZKBioSecurity all-in-one software, several types of visitor reports can be generated.

  • Flow Control

It enables control of a large passenger flow in the workplace, unregistered personnel can be restricted to certain areas.

  • Protected by AES-256 standard encryption

AES-256, with a key length of 256 bits, supports the largest bit size and is the strongest encryption standard.

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