HR & Payroll Solution

Employees :
To define the employee personal info, functions, financials. In addition to the annual, monthly, sickness vacations and any other user defined type.

Include all types (daily, hours, tasks, administrative, paid/not paid

Official holidays :
All the official holidays applicable in the company will be defined and the system will recognize them with all the rules and conditions specified

Leave system :
The available leaves (annual/monthly) are specified with the ability to relate it to the years of service ( 1 to 5 yrs = 20 days, 5 to 10yrs=25 days, . . . etc.)

Daily Leave :
which are the per-day leaves, can be managed with specific rules and conditions. And can be related to specific balance and payment

Hours Leave :
per-hour leaves can be defined with some conditions and specifies whether it is paid or not.

Administrative Tasks and Others :
Special tasks and conditions that need leaves can be defined along with the rules, documents, approvals needed for that leave. And how it affects the salary.

Statistics :
Easily produce daily, monthly, yearly statistics for the attendance, leaves, salaries, overtime…etc. Statistics can be based on a date range, a specific status or a specific shift.

Many included reports
End user report designer tool for building your own reports with friendly and easy interface

Salary Templates :
Unlimited templates can be defined to calculate the salary (monthly, half-monthly, weekly, per-hour..) using many available options like (late types and calculation, overtime definition and calculation, calculation of per-hour salaries and define conditions… etc.)

Defining tasks that affect the salary (increase/decrease) with a percentage /fixed value or both. That includes administrative tasks, paid tasks, tasks to be deducted of vacations, penalties to be deducted of salary, penalties related to driving license points, or any work related issues.

Salary Calculation:
Calculating salaries (monthly, half-monthly, weekly, hours) based on any start dated/ end date defined by the user. The salary can be calculated for a specific employee or recalculated if the shifts system is changed. The salary can be calculated based on department, religion, nationality or any other standards. Transfer salaries to banks with one click.

Salary components and details:
All the events that effect the salary can be defined. And the details of the salary ticket in each salary calculation process.

Salaries Store:
After each calculation a saving process is done to make the audit and review process smooth and easy.

Fixed attendance templates:
Unlimited templates can be defined for all types of attendance in the company and the departments. All the working timing and number of movements (fingerprints) can be defined.

Un-Fixed periodic attendance templates:
For each template, the period for repeating the template is defined along with fixed template for each day within the period. (Doctors, nurses, shift employees…etc.)

Special-cases attendance template:
Defined for special cases and occasions (Ramadan, unexpected public holiday…etc.)