Hotel Lock

Over the past years, hotel locking system has been progressing just from the standard metal keys to punch cards, to password-encrypted, and now to mifare cards.

Hotel management system has played an important role in increasing the security of the hotels. In standard metal door locks with keys, thefts cannot be avoided in breaking-in. ZKTeco rebuilt the safety of hotel rooms by placing access control and system integration in one lock.

In order to maintain an organize system; hotel management can assign hotel staff for every rooms to perform their daily tasks. The key cards to be given to the hotel staff can be coded in order that they can only access the rooms assigned to them and only on their hours of shift. ZKTeco’s hotel lock management system can also serve for log system, monitoring, and recording transactions.

ZKTeco’s hotel locks includes lock management software which is easy “one-click” installation and all you need to do is click “next”.