Visitor Management

ZKBioSecurity Visitor Management Solution


  • Web-based Server which Supports multiple registration sites.
  • Web-based Visitor Reservation Management
  • Seamless Integration with Access Control, Elevator Control, Video Linkage, Parking, etc.
  • E-Mail and SMS Notification for the Visitors/Host and Administrators
  • Supports Visitors Watchlist for Specific People/Group/Nation
  • Supports OCR or ID Card reader to Auto-fill the Visitor’s Basic Info
  • Supports Customised the Size/Format of Visitor Badges, including Receipts/Stricker/Printed Card
  • Supports Combination Verification Modes with Biometrics for Visitors
  • Supports Recording the Visitors’ Signatures Pictures

ZKBioSecurity Visitor Management Solution offers access registration, checking out, photo capturing, visitor number counting, and visit registration and mutual information sharing of registration points, etc. functions to visitors. It is highly integrated with access control and elevator control systems etc. and provides simple yet effective and professional visitor management methods. 

Visitor Management Process

Visitors can make reserved registration through booking function, successful reservation information will be delivered via email or SMS to notify recipients, visitors and registration managers etc. visitor registration can also be done by identity card registration (OCR or ID Reader), signature, photo capturing, passport capturing or car information registration etc. in order to enhance the safety level. Visitor authority supports the Automatic distribution of the recipient department authority group according to the visitor’s location. Also, copying function enables users to select needed visitor information and copy to new registration interfaces, including recipient information, reasons for the visit, corporate information, authority information, etc., which bring convenience and save time to group visit registration. After successful registration, visitors may have access to designated areas with visitor cards or visitor receipts. It supports card, password, fingerprint, QR code, etc. multiple verification methods. After the visit, visitors may return cards in the registration point for checking out.

Multi-point Visitor Registration Management System based on Web

Supports the setting of visitor registration points, multi-point registration visitor management, and mutual sharing of a publicized management database.

Visitor Receipt and Customised Card Printing Functions

Supports customization of visitor receipt or visitor card template set, and enables visitor information and corporate logo printing and template preview, etc. After successful registration, key visitor message in own template format can be printed on customized visitor receipts or cards, small tickets or customized cards are both optional for visitors’ use.

High-speed Portable HD Doc Scanner Supports

Visitor Portrait Capturing + Passport Photo + OCR Recognition

During visitor registration, it supports one-click capture of visitors’ portrait image, passport photo, and saving, and uses OCR function to automatically read identity document (identity card, passport, etc.) and all ineffective information in order to realize quick registration.

Supports Connection to Signature Pad and Auto-Acquisition of Visitors’ Signature

Visitor registration points support the electronic signature board. During registration, signature records will be automatically saved to the visitor system upon a successful signature and printed on a customized card printing template, it is also optional to print signatures on visitor cards. After successful visitor registration, visitor cards with printed signature can be instantly printed.

Visitor and Entrance Channel (Flap Barriers etc.) Integration

With the integration of entrance channel and QR code reader, upon successful visitor registration, visitor receipt can be printed by receipt printer, visitor receipt supports customized template setting, including visitor information barcode or QR code to be printed, with these visitors, are able to have access to designated areas upon successful verification.

Visitors Car Information Management

During visitor registration, it supports registration of visitor car information including brand, license plate, color, and model, etc.

Watch List Function

Watch lists are categorized into 3 types: Individual, Company, and Country. Monitoring lists can be generated upon needs, for reception convenience. It supports central management through adding new visitors or previous visitors to watch lists, and is able to mark VIP, KEO (Keep an eye on) or blacklisted. During visitor registration, monitoring information in the system will be matched for further operation by registration manager, e.g. special caretaking for VIP, and denial of blacklisted access, etc. It is able to perform a quick search to individual watch list information and editing of settings.

E-mail and SMS Notification Functions

During visitor registration, in case of overtime visits, visitor registration, overtime visitor registration, visitor checking out, monitoring lists, the system will deliver e-mail or SMS notification to visitors, recipients or managers in registration points. SMS and e-mail templates support customization, templates with different contents, delivery rules and recipients according to conditions that can be customized. If it is set to deliver on the day of the visit, all notifications will be delivered to the specific recipients at a specific time.

Visitor + Access Control + Elevator Control (Standard or DCS Integration) + Video Linkage One-stop Solutions

ZKBioSecurity3.0 is the ultimate “All in One” web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco. It contains many integrated modules: access control, elevator control, video linkage, visitor management, parking system, etc. It provides the most advanced solution for a whole new user experience.

Global Linkage - Monitoring Video Pop-up

The security linkage system comprises a video monitoring system, when there is an exceptional event, including a swiping of an unauthorized card on the card reader, monitoring video will pop up to warn administrator. The video length could be up to 180 seconds.

Integrated Elevator Control (DCS) Solution

By integrating our turnstile solutions with our normal and destination-based dispatching elevator control system, you will benefit from the consistent design, flexible personalization features, and enhanced comfort for visitors and tenants.

Elevator Operation Limitation by Timeslots - Integrated Elevator Control (DCS) Solution

By integrating our turnstile solutions with our normal and destination-based dispatching elevator control system, you will benefit from the consistent design, flexible personalization features, and enhanced comfort for visitors and tenants. ZKTeco Elevator Control is able to limit elevators’ operation at a specific time. For actual implementation, if the elevator control was set to stop operating to go upward between 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., Unauthorized persons will only be allowed to go down even with cards for Door access.

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